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Branded Apparel Program

Free Branded Apparel Website
Perfect for your Corporate Employees, Members, Distributors and Volunteers!

Free Branded Apparel Website     

Branded Apparel Program - Free Websites

Our Branded Apparel Program is free and is perfect for large organizations, large associations, direct selling companies or non-profits with large numbers of volunteers. We will take your logo and make a website where your employees, members, distributors and volunteers can purchase branded merchandise to help them identify with you. 

We will create an online Web Store with your approved branded apparel and accessories where your members, employees, and volunteers can go to purchase FUN and USEFUL logoed merchandise without having to buy in bulk. This leads to higher participation and promotion for your organization.

Through this program we handle it all - all the distribution, fulfillment, and maintenance of the website. Our Branded Apparel Program is free and allows you to quickly get your organization's branded merchandise to your members while protecting your logo.

Benefits Of Your Branded Apparel Program

  • Ease of Access - having one webstore to go to allows all your members, volunteers and employees to have easy access to branded merchandise. This leads to higher participation and promotion for your organization. 


  • Eliminate Brand Abuse - when organizations leave the procurement of branded merchandise to multiple departments and locations, allowing your members to purchase from any website or company almost always leads to brand abuse. Brand abuse comes in many different forms such as bad embroidery, incorrect use of colors, unapproved graphic designs, misuse of logos, etc. With our Branded Apparel Program you can protect against brand abuse.


  • Save Time - ordering branded merchandise can sometimes become a complicated process. Managing the products and materials can be even more complicated. With our Branded Apparel Program, your volunteers, members and employees can order your logoed merchandise with just a few clicks.


  • No Minimums - many times an employee or member will need a gift or just a few items for personal use but they are unable to accomplish this because of required minimum production quantities. Having your branded webstore allows them easy access to the exact quantities needed without having to buy in bulk.


  • Fulfillment and Distribution - We Handle It All!
                         *we build the website
                         *we stock all the inventory
                         *we handle all the customer service
                         *we handle all the payments, returns, and exchanges
                         *we make all changes to the website 
                         *we add all the new apparel and products as they are introduced

Ready To Get Started?
     Please fill out the form and one of our Program Directors will contact you to implement your free Branded Apparel Program.
     or for more information give us a call at 866-811-5148

Brand Apparel Program