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"... I am very impressed with your selections. I am an elder for our church and would like to bring this to our congregation for their review as a fundraiser for our youth group."

Ed - West Virginia

"I am getting a great response to your T-shirts for our Fundraiser!!"

 Jason - Idaho

"I'm an independent Sales/Fundraising Representative from the Pittsburg area... I've viewed your web site and product listing and would love to add your T-shirts to my product line."

Rodric - Pennsylvania

"I received the order today. They're even better than I could have hoped! They're marvelous!"

 Kara - Minnesota

 "I wanted to let you know that the T-shirts were a wonderful success... those who have the T-shirts are delighted. We all wore them in the Festival Parade and I've seen several wearing them since then. I will certainly keep your contact information for anything we might do in the future."

Jennifer - Georgia

"Got my shirts today. Totally Awesome!!"

Kenny - Illinois

"I am just starting my own Christian store... I am very interested in using your company to supply the line of shirts I will carry here."

Julie - Arkansas

"I just received my order of 120 T-shirts and they were great!"

Penny - Oklahoma

"Thank you, I received the previous order and the T-shirts are great and of great quality."

Carmen - New Jersey

"I placed an order yesterday and also signed up as a Wholesale customer. Your shirts look great on the website."

Janis - Texas

"Thanks for your prompt mailing of the T-shirts I ordered... they love them and I appreciate your low cost."

Deb - Pennsylvania

"Thank you guys for always handling my orders so promptly and efficiently. You make it a joy to do business with you, and I appreciate your work!"

Allison - Pennsylvania

"I will be ordering T-shirts for our annual youth camp. I am looking for a good company to buy them from... I have bought several message T-shirts from this company and I'm looking into it first."

Jackie - Tennessee

"I received my order and am very happy with the quality and service you have provided."

Terry - Florida

"Thank you so much for all of your help!  We absolutely love the T-shirts!  They are perfect.  The kids will be really excited."

Julie - North Carolina

"Thanks for the great service. Can't beat your quality or prices!! I'll definitely be a return customer."

Chris - Missouri

"I'll admit I was nervous ordering from an online company, especially since this was a church fundraiser. However, I could not have been more pleased with the shirts we received. Now everyone who didn't order one is kicking themselves and asking when we'll have another sale. I can honestly tell them, "Soon!"

Jennifer - North Carolina

"The T-shirts arrived on Monday - AWESOME!  Thank You!!!!"

 Kitty - Louisiana

"I have received the T-shirts and I can't explain how beautiful they are.  I
know once everyone sees them they will want more."

Beth - Texas

"Received my small order in plenty of time for Christmas and was very impressed with the quality as well as the price. My 9- and 11-year-olds loved the T-shirts; I found two in your inventory that fit their personalities perfectly, and they're wearing them now. Thanks so much. I'll definitely be shopping here again and telling my friends about you!"

Jean - Washington

"...I have received my order, and the shirts were extremely nice"

Cecelia - Illinois

"Thanks so much!  GOD BLESS YOU!  Got the other shirts!  LOVE LOVE LOVE em!  ; )

Tonya - Texas

"another order-your shirts are popular!! It has been raining a lot here so the long sleeve's are going fast- Thanks again for your prompt service!!"

Kathleen - California

"...You carry a quality product. I purchased a couple of shirts just to see if they were good quality and I was pleasantly surprised."

Howard - South Carolina

"I wish to thank you for your fast service and delivery.  I have never received an order with that efficiency."

Rebecca - Illinois

"Thank you for such a great product.  It has not been hard to sell these shirts--everyone has a favorite!  I am very glad to see so many Christian messages running around in our community!"

Cindy - Georgia 

"We are so pleased about the order. the shirts are of surprising quality. we'll be telling everyone."

Karen - North Carolina

"Received my shirts last night and they all look excellent. Thank you."

Lyn - Washington

"hi...i got my t was great...i wear it's's a great time for me to show my christian faith to my people....well...i just wanna say thank you for shipping my order...and God bless you tina"

Tina - California

"Thank so much I love them exellent transaction! God bless."

 Sheila - New Jersey

"I got the shirts today and they look great. Now I know where to order shirts when I need them. Thanks for your great service."

Debbie - Maryland

"I received the shirts and they are great.  The kids loved them.  Thanks again!" 

Donna - California

"I was able to buy shirts for our bible quize team, and at all our compentitions everyone talked about them... thank you for helping me afford them for our team!!"

Sandra - Wisconsin

"I just wanted to tell you that I have just come across your website by accident, however I'm hooked! I cannot wait to place my first order with your group!
I've already sent the link out to many, many friends!
God Bless!"

Kelly - Ohio

"Received the shirts and are thrilled with our purchase. Thank you for your wonderful support. This will help support our ministry in carrying the gospel in song and word to the world."

Dana - Florida

"Just found your website and I am amazed at your great prices and also your mission statement, what a great way to do business... Thank you for your time and a great opportunity to spread the word...

"I just received my first order from Wear The Message, and couldn't wait to let you know how very pleased we are with your merchandise.  It will be a pleasure to do business with you again and again. Thank you for providing great quality at a really great price! God bless your business, meanwhile we will be joyously spreading the message that God loves everyone by wearing the message!"


Lisa and Steve
Lisa & Steve- Oregon

"Thank you for the great product."

Alexandro - Arizona

"Hi! My shirt arrived today and I LOVE it!! Thanks for the GREAT service!!!!!!"

Virginia - Ohio

"Thanks so much for the quick turn around on our T-shirt order.  We received them this morning and they look great!  We will definitely be in touch next time we need shirts."

 Thanks & God bless ~ Tony - Illinois

"We love our shirts and I will be placing another order soon."

Krysha - Arkansas

"Thank you for your kind assistance. God bless your work to make the Gospel Message more present through the shirts and apparel you offer!"

Joe - Ohio

"I also wanted to say thank you, I made my first purchase from you recently and was very happy with the shirts. I will be spreading great reviews about you."

Margaret - Connecticut

"I think we will be doing this every Spring and Fall season and using you guys on a regular basis. You have been a blessing to us and our coming growth. God Bless you!"

Andrew - Michigan

"This is our first year as a school, and we have 27 students in grades Pre-K through 6th.  Believe it or not, our students sold 287 shirts in just two weeks, earning our school a $5 profit on each shirt! (thats $1,435). We encouraged our students to sell not just because it would earn money for the school but because every time someone wore a shirt from Wear the Message, they would be sharing the message of the gospel with countless others--without saying a word!  The students were great salesmen/saleswomen, and the parents loved it because Christian t-shirts are not something other schools are selling.  Once students started passing out the shirts to those who had purchased them, we had numerous requests to purchase more shirts--even though we had come to the end of the fundraiser!  I highly recommend this fundraiser for Christian organizations.  Not only were we able to earn money quickly and easily in a way that could bless others, but we also had a great support system from the staff at Wear the Message, who encouraged us and helped us troubleshoot difficult areas.  We hope to consider them again in the future!"

Anna Gosman, Administrator
Christian Academy of Madison
Madison, Indiana

"I moved to Georgia 2 years ago from Illinois.  There is a big difference when I wear these shirts down here from up there.  I would go for weeks up there and never get any comments.  I worked in a factory and I wore these shirts as a uniform shirt every day.  Most people would not comment but I know that they noticed because 99% of the people would watch their language when I was around.  That was such a blessing.  Down here, I can go to Walmart or the grocery store and have 4 or 5 Christians speak to me about my shirt before noon.  Praise God for you and your ministry.

In Christ,   Clay - Georgia

"...My order arrived today. The shirts are GREAT! Thank you so much. I will definitely be shopping again soon! Take care, and God Bless!!!"

Jason - New Mexico

"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I will definitely be buying more from your site and will send references to my friends. You have great prices and truly help spread the message."

Shannon - Alabama

"Thank you. Everyone LOVES the t-shirts!!!! Have a blessed day!"

Monica - Oklahoma

"I just received my shirts. They are beautiful. I would like to order more after the new year. It truly is the best gift to give someone."

Blessings your forever customer, Rebecca - California

"Thank you so very much! I know my husband will be very happy with the shirt and it will match his blue eyes :) I will be passing your website to my friends as your site was the most reasonable for Christian T-shirts. I am looking forward to receiving my package and thank you so much for your help!"

Kim - Florida

"Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT customer service and ensuring that we received the t-shirts for our event this weekend!  I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the shirts and I am sure that we will have GREAT success with them this weekend."

Natalie - South Carolina

"Wow! You guys are GREAT! I already received my order yesterday, and the shirts look great! Thank you SO MUCH for your excellent customer service. I have been EXTREMELY pleased with you every single time I have placed an order. (...3 x so far!) God bless you, I look fwd to giving you more business sometime soon!  :)

Jason - New Mexico 

"Thank You for such prompt service. I really appreciate the efficiency by which your organization operates. It truly is a pleasure doing business with you. I felt very safe providing my C.C information to such a secure system. I am looking forward to placing future orders with you, including donating $25.00 for our troops...
May Our Lord and Savior continue to Bless you and yours...

Stephen - California

"You guys and gals are awesome. Amazingly quick service and delivery. I have trouble getting a good fit but your shirts fit perfect... keep up the good work and my God bless you richly."

Jeff - Louisiana

 "Thank you for your prompt shipment. The T-shirt looks great and fits great.My husband wore his other one out, so it is good to know you had one I could replace his with. Sincerely, a happy customer"

Mary - Michigan

"Got the tee shirts in time for the party. The kids at AWANA LOVED THEM!!!!!"

Marti - Ohio