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About Wear The Message, Inc.




Our Mission at Wear The Message is to help you tell your story! Everybody has something that they are passionate about and we want to help you put a voice to that passion through apparel. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and our vision is to partner with your organization, your new business, your church, your school, or your community to help you tell your story. 

Our Programs are specifically set-up to help streamline what's important to you and your organization.

     Fundraiser Program - If you are looking to help raise funds for your organization this year to help accomplish your goals - then our Fundraiser Program is for you. You can raise over $1,000 in 2 weeks by using our stock Fundraising Catalog or using your own custom shirts to help raise money. 

     Wholesale Program - Our Wholesale Program is designed for organizations or businesses that would like to have their members identified by all wearing the same shirt. So if you are purchasing 25 or more of the same shirts then our Wholesale program is for you. This program is also advantageous if you are purchasing bulk shirts for your Bookstore, Camp, or to resell at Summer Festivals.

     Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier Program - Is your community looking to get involved with a local project? Our Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier Program is a perfect way to get a community involved in letting our US Military men and women know that we are behind them and thinking of them. We are shipping boxes of Only Two shirts to US Military bases all over the world through distribution centers that have partnered with us as well as through Military Chaplains, and local VFW's. 

     Branded Apparel Program - Our Branded Apparel Program is free and is perfect for large organizations, large associations, or non-profits with large numbers of volunteers. We will take your logo and make a website where your employees, members, and volunteers can purchase branded merchandise to help them identify with you. Through this program we handle it all - all the distribution, fulfillment, and maintenance of the website. Our Branded Apparel Program is free and allows you to quickly get your organization's branded merchandise to your members while protecting your logo.

     Charity Event Program - If are you hosting a charity event we will partner with you to help make it a huge success. We provide apparel and promotional products for 5K's, Sporting Tournaments, Charity Dinners, Auctions, etc.