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Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier
Get your Free Only Two T-Shirt when you sponsor a Soldier

Being a non-profit company we are able to partner with you to help reach our military men and women across the world
Our Mission is helping you tell the world what you are passionate about! Through apparel we help you "Wear Your Message"

Sponsor A Shirt For a Military Soldier

 Receive a FREE "Only Two" T-Shirt When You Sponsor One For A Soldier!

Please partner with us to bless our US Soldiers with the gift of an "Only Two" T-shirt... to let our Troops know that they are being Thought About & Prayed For

Your sponsorship will help send an "Only Two" T-shirt to a US Soldier... and together we can send thousands of shirts to thousands of Soldiers. We currently have over 10,000 Soldiers waiting to be sponsored.

     Only Two T-Shirt         

Wear The Message is sending "Only Two" T-shirts to our men and women in the US military and we need your help.  Through generous sponsorships from the Christian Community, we will be able to bless our Soldiers by shipping boxes of "Only Two" T-shirts to military bases around the world. These shirts will be distributed through Military Chaplains and Distribution Centers that have parterned with us. Through this program our US Soldiers are reminded that we appreciate their sacrifice and their service to our country.

This program was birthed from a small idea of "how can we touch the lives of our US Military?" Richard Dillman, a charter sponsor of this program and president of Family Life Resources, (Tampa, Florida) stated,


"We wanted to let the men and women of our US military know that we were behind them, thinking about them, and praying for them by blessing them with a gift. Since the average age of a soldier is early to mid twenty's, we wanted to speak in their language. Sending them a bible is nice but putting Christ's message on a T-shirt and sending it to them is powerful --- it speaks their language."

In the words of Robert M Coie (OPC Committee on Chaplains and Military Personnel)

"With all of our military might, the greatest weapon we have in the war against Islamic Terrorists is the Sword of the Spirit. Pray that the culture of death will be defeated and that our nation will stand united and will endure in the defense of freedom."

We can be united with our soldiers in the Defense of our Freedom! We can let our soldiers know that we are behind them, thinking about them, and praying for them. By donating an "Only Two" T-shirt you can tell the men and women of our military that we are fulfilling the concept that Paul spoke about in Ephesians - Brother helping brother - a body fitly joined together - being kind to one another, tenderhearted.

These shirts will be distributed to our US Soldiers who are in need of comforting, blessing, and even a way to share their faith with their fellow soldiers. As members of the world's premier fighting force, our soldiers sacrifice for our country everyday. Military life places extreme hardships on our soldiers and we can help remind them that God is in charge and that Christ's message is still alive today.

When a Soldier receives a sponsored "Only Two" T-shirt, the shirt will have a Dog Tag hanging from it to let them know that they have been sponsored by a member of the Christian community who is thinking about them and praying for them!


 Only Two Dog Tag  Sponsor A Shirt For A Soldier Dog Tag  


We are dedicated to getting these shirts into our soldier's hands but we need your partnership. We currently have over 10,000 Soldiers waiting to be sponsored! Won't you please take just a few minutes to help Sponsor-A-Shirt for a Soldier.

Donating is Easy, Safe, and Convenient.

To Donate:

ONLINE:  just click on the picture below

BY PHONE: call our Toll-Free number 1-866-811-5148

BY MAIL: checks and money orders can be sent to Wear The Message, Inc., 66 Industry Ct. Ste C,Troy, Ohio 45373-2892.

Thank you for taking the time to invest into the lives of our US Military Men and Women. Together we can comfort, bless, or even change a life... One T-shirt at a time!


Click Here To View An Update On "Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier" - To find out updates on current requests, to view all the Thank You's, and to see all the different countries that your sponsored shirts have been shipped to.


Get Your Free "Only 2" T-shirt

Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier
Only 2 defining forces have ever offered to die for you:

1. Jesus Christ

2. The American G.I. died for your soul, the other for your freedom!

For your donation of $25 or more to our "Sponsor-A-Shirt For A Soldier" program you will be Sponsoring an "Only Two" T-shirt that will go to a US Soldier PLUS we would like to bless you with a gift of a free "Only 2" T-shirt.



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Sponsor-A-Shirt for a Soldier
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