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Fundraiser Program

 Easy Fundraising For Your Organization
Christian T-Shirts and more Starting at only $6.95


Christian Fundraiser... Starting At $6.95
Our Christian Clothing Company offers the Trendy Contemporary Christian apparel you are looking for!

Being a non-profit company we are able to partner with you to bring you lower cost options for all your apparel needs
Our Mission is helping you tell the world what you are passionate about! Through apparel we help you "Wear Your Message"

Christian Fundraiser

You can RAISE MONEY to help accomplish your organization's goals

Christian Fundraiser

Our Fundraiser is EASY, FAST, and puts the FUN back into Fundraising! All starting at just $6.95!

Are you looking for Easy Fundraising Ideas? By partnering with us we can help you raise much needed funds to help accomplish your organizations goals this year!

Are you looking to RAISE MONEY this year for a new building project, an outreach program, transporatation, send kids to camp, put on an event?...We want to help partner with you to accomplish your goal this year! 

We work with Organizations, Leaders, Directors, Churches, Pastors, Youth Pastors, Youth Group Leaders, Missions Trip Organizers, Schools, and Principles.

Our Fundraiser is just so different from anything out there because we offer more than just T-shirts in our Fundraiser Catalog. You will be able to sell T-Shirts, Hoodies, Cinch Paks, and even the new trending Disciples Cross...all in one catalog! You no longer have to offer seperate catalogs because we have something contemporary for everyone.

We have the popular & trendy Contemporary Designs that everyone is wearing like Keep Calm, Whole Armor, John 3:16, and more. If you are looking for an easy Fundraising Idea for your Organization, Church, or School you've found it. 

Need Samples to show everyone? Not a problem - we offer a Fundraiser Kit that comes complete with Catalogs, Posters, and Samples to get you started on a very profitable Fundraiser. Your group can make more than $1,000 in less than 2 weeks!

Benefits of our Fundraiser:

  • No Out-Of-Pocket Expense
  • Raise Over $1,000 In 2 Weeks
  • Contemporary Trendy Christian Designs
  • Fun, Easy, and helps "Spread The Message" 

How It Works:

      Our Fundraiser is Easy - when you hit the "Get Started" button at the bottom of this page you are on your way to a Successfull Fundraiser. Just fill out the information and then you will have the option to download FREE Fundraiser Catalogs, purchase professionally printed Fundraiser Catalogs & Posters, or purchase a whole Fundraiser Kit including Sample Shirts, Catalogs & Posters. Perfect for any size organization or any organization type!

Fundraiser Kit and Materials:

Christian Fundraiser Christian Fundraiser Christian Fundraiser
Download FREE Fundraiser Catalogs Purchase Professionally Printed 
Catalogs & Posters
Purchase a whole Fundraiser Kit including Sample Items

 Your Profit:

      Your Profit is up to you! You can charge whatever you wish for the items in the Fundraiser Catalog but generally people sell for around a $5.00 profit per item. That means that if you set your goal to sell 200 items you will have profited $1,000.00 for your organization! 


     Adult T-Shirts: $6.95
     Youth T-Shirts: $6.95
     Hoodies: $16.95
     Embroidered Polos: $19.95
     Duffels/Backpacks: $9.95
     Cinch-Paks/Totes: $7.95

     Disciples Crosses: $6.95
*Please note that Adult 2X's are an additional $2 and Adult 3X's are an additional $3

 No Up Front Cost:

      Nothing to pay up front! Just take orders and have customers pay for their items when they order, then when the shirts come in all you have to do is deliver them.

Excellent Support Staff:

      We are here to help every step of the way and our expertly trained staff are ready to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at 1-866-811-5148 or e-mail us at

Get Started:

     To get started and have access to the Fundraiser Pricing please be sure to hit the "Get Started Now" button below. This will take you to a page where you will register your Fundraiser. After registering you can then download the Free Fundraiser Catalog, purchase a professionally printed Fundraiser Kit including Catalogs & Posters, or purchase a whole Fundraiser Kit with Samples that will include Catalogs, Posters, Sample Christian T-Shirts, a Sample Christian Hoodie, Cinch-Pak, and Disciple's Cross. Within one business day you will be notified via e-mail that your account has been switched over to the Fundraiser Pricing. After selling your items go to our Fundraiser Order Page - BE SURE TO LOG IN - and order your items. It's EASY, FAST, and FUN!

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